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Study: Atlanta loses 5,000+ low-cost rentals

May 19, 2016 Housing Stock, Special Reports No Comments
loss of low-cost rentals

Lost of low-cost units contributes to spike in rental rates. 

A new report from Dan Immergluck, Ann Carpenter, Abram Lueders for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta details exactly how many low-cost affordable units have been lost in Atlanta and what impact this has on low-income renters.

From the report, “Declines in Low-Cost Rented Housing Units in Eight Large Southeastern Cities,” released May 2016:

This paper examines the landscape of low-cost rented housing units in these eight southeastern cities. The authors find that low-cost rented units (defined as those with gross rents of less than $750 per month) decreased in all eight cities between the American Community Survey periods of 2006–10 and 2010–14. Based on these data, each of these eight cities is losing hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of low-cost rented units annually.

Read the full report here.


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